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2.27sWell, it's a... I...
3sWhat's this? What's this, Brian, huh?
1.73s- What's this, huh? - It's a ball.
3.2sOh, is this your ball? You want it, huh? You want this, huh?
2sYes, I would like-- I would like it, please, yes.
1.63sYou want this, huh? You want the ball?
2.1sYes, I would like to have it very much. You want it, huh?
1.37sYou want the ball?
1.77s- I would enjoy having it, yes. Give it to me. - Go, get it.
1.94sI-- I'm sorry, Lois, I was mistaken.
1.64sI thought you threw the ball in there,
1.57sbut I can see now you still have it.
0.9sGo, get the ball.
2.33sI say, are you blind, or just stupid? What do you mean?
3.94sPerhaps you'd like to see what Lois and the fat man have been up to in your absence.
4.17sHello, M.T.V., Um, I think I would be perfect for The Real World .
4.4sUh, Because I speak my mind and not everyone likes that.
1.97sBut I'm not afraid to go there.
2.07sAnd, uh, I can be sexy.
2.6sLook at my fanny, look at my fanny, look at my fanny.