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1.93sYeah, now, because the gym coach was a vampire,
3.33sthe school board is embarrassed and won't take it public. However,
1.59sthey can't have students killin' teachers.
1.93sI gotta expel you for this one, TR.
2.06sI'm sorry.
1.93sI just got expelled, Summer!
2.8sOh! So I guess there's no need to stay young.
1.93sMy top! Screw your top!
1.76sYou ratted on me?! I'm Tiny Rick!
1.9sFine! Yes! Because I love you-,
1.87sand I'm trying to save your life!
2.37sHigh school is my life!
4.06sSummer Smith is a fucking psycho nerd and she just got me kicked out of school!
1.43sSummer, I thought you were cool!
1.73sI'm sorry, okay?
1.87sHow can you be such a bitch?
1.7sOh, my god, Morty.
2.16sYour sister crossed Tiny Rick?
1.99sTalk about self-destructive.