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1.47swhich you would know,
1.76sif you ever paid attention to me!
1.9sOh, here we go, right to the victim role,
1.59sAm I a victim, Beth,
3.03sor am I married to a mean, unfair monster that always hurts me?!
1.93sJesus Christ! Will you fix your marriage...
2.99sor get a divorce already?
4.03sWell, we tried a couples' therapist.
1.37sThat's Earth therapy.
1.83sYou might as well ask a horse to fix a merry-go-round.
2.97sI mean, he'll try his best, but mostly, he's just gonna get horrified.
2.8sI know about a place off-planet with a 100% success rate.
2.47sWell, we want to make it work, if we can,
1.43sIt's just -- Then it's settled.
1.4sNo need to pack. Oh!
1.47sLet's go, go, go, go!
2.99sDo you think Mom and Dad are, you know,
1.37sgonna get a divorce?
1.59sI think it's okay to dream, Marty,
3.9sI'm gonna go make some wooden stakes.