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1.93sJ, Please come let me out J,
1.93sJ, Let me out, Let me out J,
1.93sJ, This is not a dance J,
1.93sJ, I'm beggin' for help, I'm screamin' for help J,
1.87sJ, Please come let me out J,
4.97sJ, I'm dyin' in a vat in the gara-a-ge JV Awesome!
1.8sOkay, that last part was really weird.
1.66sMaybe Summer's on to something here.
1.26sI don't know. It was fun.
1.26sYou want to slow dance?
1.87sTiny Rick, hey, great dancing as usual.
1.63sMoment of your time?
3.6sTiny Rick, this conversation is gonna break my heart wide open.
3.4sYou're a great student and the fact that you're an 80-Year-Old man in a clone body,
1.59sit never bothered me.
1.26sBut this here is another matter.
1.9sYou recognize this?
1.8sWe got a tip it was in your locker.