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2.73sI want Jerrys.
1.56sAn army.
2.4sAn army of Jerrys.
3.6sThe value of his subservience is wasted on you.
3.16sI will use it to dominate the universe.
1.76sAh ha ha. Boy, Jerry must think I'm pretty stupid,
1.52sfor you to be this stupid.
3.57sWouldn't it make more sense to put my dumbass husband in this chair,
1.93sso you can make an army of your badass self?
1.93sThere could never be more than one of me.
9.2sI'm the strongest, smartest being alive because Jertythinks you're that much stronger and smarter than you are!
2.37sOkay, ouch.
6.57sOh, hey h-hey-y! Morty, Jessica, what's up?
1.49sCheck out the new dance I made up.
1.97sIt's called "Ooh let me out!"
1.93sJ, Let me out, Let me out J,
1.93sJ, This is not a dance J,
1.93sJ, I'm beggin' for help, I'm screamin' for help J,