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1.73sBOTH: Tiny Rick!
2.59sOkay, but if not tonight, when?
1.49sI don't know. When I feel like it?
1.93sDamn, girl! You need to chill out!
2.06sThis whole thing was your idea, in the first place,
1.8sand, now, you're trying to rush it along.
1.76sYeah, and you know what? I like high school.
1.7sI like hanging out. Tiny Rick!
2.73sBut what if the you that likes it isn't you?
1.59sBOTH: Oh, Summer!
1.7sIt's just Rick in a younger body.
1.33sWhat's the -- What's -- What's -- What's --
1.26sWhat's the -- What's the problem?
1.7sLook at his art, Marty,
2.76sI've got an emo streak. Part of what makes me so rad.
2.53sWhy does it say "help me Marty and Summer!"?
2.26sCome on, Summer, that's the title of the art.
2.06sWhy was Knight Rider called Knight Rider?
2.26sThe car's name was Kitt. Nobody rode Michael Knight.
2.63sYou're overthinking it, Summer. I'm Tiny Rick!
3.59sGrandpa, lthinkthat, when you put your mind into this body's young brain,
1.59sit did what young brains do --
3.33slt shoved the bad thoughts into the back and put a wall around them.
2.26sBut those bad thoughts are the real Rick.
1.7sThe fact that you're old,