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3.3sOhh! He's asking if Tiny Rick will be here.
1.66sWell, you know what, Summer?
1.66sTell him Tiny Rick Tyi/f be here!
1.66sAnd tell him to bring some brews!
2.26sFor real? Y-Y-Y-You would stay as Tiny Rick,
1.73sjust so we can have a party?
1.66sHell, yeah! What's one more night?
2.47sAnd who can have fun with this old bastard hanging around, huh?
2.56sWubby lubby doob doob!
1.66s- Whoo! - Tiny Rick!
4.6sMoving on. Now, we have Beth and Jerry Smith from the planet E-Arth.
0.03sMy heart is pounding.
1.93sThis is gonna be great.
1.93sThe E-Arth relationships are simpler.
2.59sIt's a primitive planet, so their dysfunctions are oh --
1.73sW-Wait, what? What's going on?
1.66sWhere are the Smith mythologues?