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3.99swe can work together.
2.33sSUMMER: Well, it was a tough adventure, but it paid off --
1.99sOur school is vampire-free!
2.7sMan, who would've suspected Coach Feratu?
1.87sYou did great, guys. Couldn't have done it without ya.
1.7sYou know, we -- w-we should be proud of ourselves.
2.26sWe killed a vampire anda gym teacher.
1.99sHa ha ha. Talk about two-for-one, right?!
3.47sSo, how, exactly, is your old body living in there, Grandpa Rick?
1.47sOh, you know, hyperbaric quantum fluid,
1.93s... that kind ofthing. lt preserves living tissue.
1.99sNot that there was much to preserve.
2.7sLook at that mummy! Ha! Ha ha!
2.4sAnd I guess it's time for me to get back inside the old-timer.
1.87sOh, my god, Toby Matthews is asking...
3.59sif my parents are still out of town and if we can have a party!
1.93sAll right, way to go, Summer! What did I tell you?
3.3sOhh! He's asking if Tiny Rick will be here.
1.66sWell, you know what, Summer?
1.66sTell him Tiny Rick Tyi/f be here!
1.66sAnd tell him to bring some brews!
2.26sFor real? Y-Y-Y-You would stay as Tiny Rick,
1.73sjust so we can have a party?
1.66sHell, yeah! What's one more night?