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1.83sHe knows my name!
1.3sWhy wouldn't he? You're great!
1.47sBut, listen, just be careful.
1.4sWe can't rule anybody out as the vampire,
2.2snot even the dreamboats.
1.19sStop, Tiny Rick.
1.97sHuntin' a vampire with my grandkids!
2.53sFuck! Tiny Ri-i-ck!
5sGLAXO: The next step is to watch your mythologues interact together and, uh -- big surprise --
2.4sIt's never pretty.
2.63sHere we have Garrrh and Zharbidar Gloompfschs,
4.23sor, should I say, here we have the way Garrrh and Zharbidar perceive each other.
1.56sAs we can all see,
2.13sthis is hardly the real Garrrh and Zharbidar.
4.17sWhich is good, because the relationship in their heads is not only ugly,
2.47sit's unsustainable.
2.9sYou may already be learning something important --
2.2sAll ofthese relationships are different,
2.94snone ofthem are real, and none ofthem work.