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2.23sI think we all see what you both mean.
1.93sAny leads on the vampire?
1.43sNo, Summer! I mean, you know,
2.09sI think it might be time that we just l-let it go.
1.66sOh, so, now, you’re too cool for this,
1.43sjust because Grandpa Rick is?
4.26sIt's not that, it's just that the universe is a little too big to care about something so small.
2.4sAah! What up, my Helsings?
1.8sWho wants to hunt a vampire? Ha ha ha!
1.63sRick? How -- How did you --
1.56sYeah, I got bored and then, I remembered,
1.99sthis morning, how I blew Summer off, and I thought,
1.7s"Hey, why are you such a grumpy douche, Rick?
3.13sGo to the garage, transfer your mind into a younger clone of yourself,
1.59sand get embroiled in some youthful hijinks.
1.87sWhat's the BFD?" So here I am.
2.06sI'm Tiny Rick! O-O-Okay.
1.56sWell, it's good you're here, Rick.
2.76sl was pretty sure we didn't have what it takes to deal with a bloodsucker on our own,
1.43sDon't short-sell yourself, Summer.
1.87sYou got everything it takes. But it'll still be fun...
2.7sto do this as a fucking team, motherfucker. Tiny Rick!
2.87sYeah! Oh, my god, Toby Matthews!
2.2sHey, Toby. I'm Tiny Rick. I'm new.
2.16sHey oh -- Go easy on me. Ha ha. Just kiddin'.
4.2sHey, I like your straightforward style and that lab coat's pretty cool.