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1.56s- Nothing. - Nothing!
1.93sOh, uh, one ofthe lunch ladies died.
3.66sThey found her in the gym with, like, two holes in her neck and all the blood drained out of her.
1.76sGood lord! Who does something like that?
2.4sObviously a vampire. W-W-Where's the pepper?
1.76sWait, what?! Vampires are real?!
2.9sYes, Summer, vampires are real. Who knew?
2.66sOh, right, all humanity, for hundreds of years, now,
1.3sYeah, Summer, it's a big universe.
1.87sGet used to it. R-Right, Rick?
1.16sWell, what are we going to do?!
1.93sWe're gonna live our lives until we die.
4.56sPossibly by vampire. More likely auto accident or heart disease, but possibly vampire.
8.31sGrandpa Rick, couldn't you, like, use your superknowledge to turn yourself into a teenager and come to our school and help us hunt the vampire down?
1.59sUm -- Wow,
2.26sYeah, pretty specific pitch, Summer.