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5.97sThis machine isolates the part ofthe subject's brain containing all perceptions of its romantic partner.
6.5sAnd we will now render Jerry's perception of Beth with artificial biological life.
2.03sGLAXO: Interesting.
1.9sWhat the hell is that?! Take that back!
1.76sYou do notthink that about me!
1.76sI didn't do anything! They scanned it out of my brain.
1.7sCan I take it back?
1.47sThere's nothing to regret.
2.06sWe're dealing with unconscious, unhealthy thoughts.
2.26sNow, we scan for Beth's perceptions of Jerry.
2.63s- Scan hard. He's dead to me. - Everything's dead to you,
1.49s- What? - Nothing.
1.76sRead it and weep, bitch.
1.63sDoes everybody see what I mean?
2.23sI think we all see what you both mean.
1.93sAny leads on the vampire?
1.43sNo, Summer! I mean, you know,
2.09sI think it might be time that we just l-let it go.
1.66sOh, so, now, you’re too cool for this,