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1.8sRICK: Okay, have fun. See ya Thursday!
1.59sJERRY: Oh!
1.93sJerk. Don't insult my father.
1.93sHe's the reason our kids are only half-stupid.
1.66sHa! You just called yourself --
1.59s- Beth and Jerry Smith? - Yes.
1.52sI'm Glaxo Slimslom.
1.93sWelcome to Nuptia Four.
2.43sYour marriage can rest easy now.
3.09sJerry, go ahead and sit there and put this on.
5.97sThis machine isolates the part ofthe subject's brain containing all perceptions of its romantic partner.
6.5sAnd we will now render Jerry's perception of Beth with artificial biological life.
2.03sGLAXO: Interesting.
1.9sWhat the hell is that?! Take that back!
1.76sYou do notthink that about me!
1.76sI didn't do anything! They scanned it out of my brain.
1.7sCan I take it back?
1.47sThere's nothing to regret.
2.06sWe're dealing with unconscious, unhealthy thoughts.
2.26sNow, we scan for Beth's perceptions of Jerry.
2.63s- Scan hard. He's dead to me. - Everything's dead to you,
1.49s- What? - Nothing.