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3.13sCoach Feratu's presence was discovered by the humans.
2.23sHe has been destroyed. No bother.
1.59sThe mortals shall soon --
1.13sI'm sorry, what did you say his name was?
1.87s- Coach Feratu. - Coach Feratu.
2.23sThat was his real name, like his actual vampire name?
2.09sNo no no no. His vampire name was Balik Alistane.
3.46sWhy the fuck would he name himself after a famous vampire movie? Was he doing a bit?
1.26sI do not know, your unholiness.
1.63sJesus fucking Christ.
2.47sFrom now on, no more of this clever-name bullshit.
1.59sWhen a vampire is pretending to be a human,
3.06sthey can just call themselves Alan Jefferson or something like that.
1.4sIt's crazy, right?
1.19sI mean, am I being an asshole?
2.83sOkay, I feel like everybody in the room is looking at me like I'm the buzzkill.
0.99sI'm not?
3.4sGood. Okay. Great.
1.43sDid you get any ofthat?