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1.49sOh, my god!
1.3sOh, my god!
1.92sOh, my god,
0.88sPut some pants on!
1.19sPut pants on.
1.87sGrandpa's back, baby!
1.16sGrandpa's --
1.83sOh, man, I gotta pick up your parents.
1.87sThey have been blowin' me up,
1.13sOne last swing for the road!
1.4sFor the love of god, get dressed!
2.09sSo, what do you think? You wanna...
1.66skeep this marriage going a while longer?
3.44sAt least until Marty has graduated high school.
1.63sOh, Mm.
2.13sAha, you see? What did I tell you two?
1.13sIt worked.
1.7sYou know what, Rick? I guess, in a way --
2.13sAlready lost interest. Get in the car.
1.47sI've been inside a kid all day and, now,
1.52sI can feel my bones scraping each other.
2.09sUh, just so you're prepared,
1.93sthere's a bunch of dead mes in the garage.
3.37sHuh! Sounds like our stories were connected by a theme.
2.26sNot really, Jerry.
3.2sProbably a cosmetic connection your mind mistakes for thematic.