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1.7sI love you.
3.53s[processing, powering up f
1.66s- Rick! - Pants!
2.09sHoly shit! Thanks, kids.
2.03sYou figured it out. Well, Summer did.
4.09sKind of weird that you were that willing to sell my existence out for some trim, Marty,
1.9sBut listen -- I forgive you both because you know what?
1.87sI learned, today, something important --
1.59sThe teenage mind is its own worst enemy.
1.26sOh, I also learned this...
2.99sOperation Phoenix is not the fallback I thought it would be.
1.66sI guess it's back to the drawing board.
1.49sOh, my god!
1.3sOh, my god!
1.92sOh, my god,
0.88sPut some pants on!
1.19sPut pants on.
1.87sGrandpa's back, baby!
1.16sGrandpa's --
1.83sOh, man, I gotta pick up your parents.
1.87sThey have been blowin' me up,