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2.53sHow can someone so talented die so young?
1.8sWhat is being young?
2.49sI'm not young. I'm old. I'm -- I'm gonna die.
1.59sMy body isn't real.
1.83sMarty! Summer! It's me!
1.66slt's Rick! Regular Rick!
1.8sRick! How do we get you back into your body?
1.16sOkay, listen carefully.
1.8sThere's a set of diodes on the vat's control panel,
1.33sa blue one and a red one.
1.99sOh, god, what kind of world is this? I didn't ask to be born.
4.83sI need you to connect the blue one to my left temple and the red one to -- Why doesn't anyone really like me?
1.93s- Focus, Grandpa! - Just put the stupid wires on my head!
1.73sI hate being a teenager!
1.93sUgh! Arrgghh!
2.47sAh! Uhhhhh!
2.33sJerry, you can't bend metal.
1.99sThen make a me that can! How can I do that...
2.63swhile I'm watching you totally fail to bend metal?