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1.97sI'm gonna kick your ass!
2.43sRick, I know you're in there!
1.52sI know you're trying to get out!
2.49sThat's it, Marty! Hold him down!
4.79sf ballad] ' Drink up, baby I J, Stay up all night J,
2.94sListen to it, Tiny Rick. Listen to Elliott Smith.
1.4sUgh! No!
1.49sFeel what he's feeling.
3.03sUgh! Noooooooo! God!
1.52sJ, That you'll never see J,
2.03sOh, god, what is life?
2.53sHow can someone so talented die so young?
1.8sWhat is being young?
2.49sI'm not young. I'm old. I'm -- I'm gonna die.
1.59sMy body isn't real.
1.83sMarty! Summer! It's me!
1.66slt's Rick! Regular Rick!