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2.3sSay goodnight, old man.
1.26sWhat the hell are you doing?! Put it down!
1.9sSummer, you bitch!
1.99sDon't talk to her that way! She's your granddaughter!
2.4sI don't need a granddaughter! I'm Tiny Ri-i-ck!
3.99sShe's my sister! And if Tiny Rick is gonna be an asshole to my sister, then,
2.03syou know, y-y-you may as well be old again.
1.63sYou think you're tough, huh, Marty?
1.4sWhat are you gonna do? I'm Tiny Rick.
1.66sI'm the coolest kid in your school.
2.09sHow are you gonna just make me do whatever you say, huh?
2.09sI'm gonna do what real Rick would do if he was here --
1.97sI'm gonna kick your ass!
2.43sRick, I know you're in there!
1.52sI know you're trying to get out!
2.49sThat's it, Marty! Hold him down!
4.79sf ballad] ' Drink up, baby I J, Stay up all night J,
2.94sListen to it, Tiny Rick. Listen to Elliott Smith.
1.4sUgh! No!
1.49sFeel what he's feeling.
3.03sUgh! Noooooooo! God!