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7.14sWe have intelligence that suggests that Hitler is plotting with...
4.4sWith the Legion of Doom to assassinate Jesus.
1.7sUsing the lake as a base.
4.4s(ALL MURMURING) ANNOUNCER: Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom...
2.17sHow did she discover our plan?
3.84sMe, Solomon Grundy, kind of dropped the ball on that one.
9.94sAnd we also have evidence that Darth Vader tried to buy yellowcake uranium from unwed teenage mothers.
1.63sThose things all sound scary!
2.44sHow much money before I can feel safe again?
3.44s(STAMMERS) A hundred thousand?
5.11s(ALL MURMURING) I threw a 10! See that 10 there? I threw that.
5.77sAt the top of the news, Lake Quahog is once again clean thanks to the efforts of newly-elected Mayor Lois Griffin.