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1.77sHuh? I'm sorry, Joe, it's just an expression.
2.17sWe got to give Lois a last-minute edge.
2.44sGuys, I need you to help out on the campaign.
4.37sOh, man. That's like making all, like, signs and walking around or what?
2.1sYou know, you bastards got a stake in this, too.
2.3sI mean, Lois is my wife, and if she's the mayor,
2.07swe can pretty much do whatever the hell we want.
2.54sI could do cocaine if I wanted to.
2.03sPeter, you want some potatoes? Yeah, how you doing?
2.64sI was just asking if you wanted... We got enough napkins?
3.07sYeah, we got enough napkins. That's enough. That's enough, right there.
2.7s(SIGHS) What time is it?
1.83sIs that... Is that straight? Is that straight right there?
2.3sWait, wait, wait. See, I'll fix it. No, no.
1.67sIs that straight? I can't...
3.87s(SHOUTING) Meg, sweep that up. Just get a broom. Sweep that up.
2sSweep that up. Put it up in your room, but sweep it up first!
3.24sSuspect number two, he's the one who raped me.
3.34sAll right. All but number two are free to leave.
3.1sMa'am, I know that you're going through a difficult time right now,
1.73sbut I just have a few more questions.