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1.5sDon't move.
2.1sHmm. Now look who's mayor.
3.64sFirst order of business, free honey for everyone!
2.54sYay! Mayor Bee! Mayor Bee! Mayor Bee!
4.1s(EXCLAIMS IN PAIN) Done stung myself. Bye, world.
1.43sGood evening, Quahog. I'm Tom Tucker.
1.5sAnd I'm Diane Simmons.
5.77sThe Quahog mayoral race is heating up with incumbent Adam West squaring off against challenger Lois Griffin.
2.54sWhich leads many political analysts to ask the question,
1.73scan a woman really be mayor?
1.4sOr will she just bleed all over the city? Stay with us.
3.9sOh, you guys, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work.
2.4sIt's really gonna make a difference with my campaign.
2.54sHey, Lois, take a look. I just made 500 T-shirts
2.97sthat say, "Vote for Lois, unless you're queer."
4.47s"No, wait, even if you're queer. No Jews, though. Okay, Jews."