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1.9sWhat can I do for you, Mrs. Griffin?
3sMayor West, I'm here as an outraged citizen.
4.4sThe Quahog Oil Refinery is emptying all their toxic waste into the lake.
4.64sI mean, you couldn't possibly have sanctioned that kind of blatant industrial pollution, could you?
2.2sYeah, I told them it was fine. What?
3.3sAnd in return, I get free oil for my hair.
1.9sHey, baby, want some Adam West penis?
6.04sThis is unbelievable! Well, I am not gonna stand by while you let this town be destroyed by corruption!
2.2sMr. Mayor, I promise you this.
3.8sNext election, I'm gonna run against you, and I'm gonna win.
3.17sAll right, Mrs. Griffin, you wanna take me on, fine.
1.43sBut if you plan to beat me, you'll have to...
3.87s(GASPS) What is it? A bee just flew in through the window.