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2.44sHey, Lois, look at me, I got post-partum depression!
2.6s(MOCK CRYING) I'm sad about stuff!
4.1s(MOCK CRYING) (GASPS) You son of a bitch! Don't even joke about that!
1.94sThis water feels kind of funny.
1.9sYeah, and it smells bad.
3.34s(EXCLAIMS) Dad, look! Holy crap!
2.43sOh, my God, what the hell is wrong with this lake?
2.54sI think it's a safe bet that that's responsible.
3.37sSo they can just dump their waste into the lake? This can't be legal.
3sWhat kind of world is this where you can't even trust the oil companies anymore?
1.73s- Hey, you've got a tattoo. - No, I don't.
1.4s- Is that Ziggy? - No.