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3.27sDonny Most
3.67sDonny Most
3.74sSunday, Monday
5.51sHappy Days
1.53sNow, watch carefully, you guys.
3.57sOut here in the woods, you got to hang your food up high so the Pope won't get it.
3.17sYou gotta da hot links? Come on, the Pope-a want-a da hot links.
2.47sAll right, who's ready for a campfire song, huh?
1.77sOh, come on, Dad, that's lame.
1.5sIt's not lame, Meg.
2.97sLook, those people over there are having a good time.
2sShe'll be coming round the mountain
1.3sWhen she comes
1.43sWhen she comes
10.44sShe'll be coming round the mountain When she comes When she comes All right, here's a little tune inspired by one of the great legends of the Old West.