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4.6sOh. Hey. This is the week you guys were coming up?
1sAnd here I am, cream on my face,
1.07shair a mess, and in mid-coitus.
1.03sI must look a sight.
1.5sBeautiful country, isn't it, Chris?
3.14sGod, it is peaceful. No question, Dad.
4.77sJust be careful, 'cause they got a lot of big old wilderness bugs out here.
4.07sOh, hey, y'all best be careful or I'm gonna sting you with my stinger.
3.9sOh, no! But then I's gonna die if I sting you.
3sYou know what? I'm not gonna sting y'all after all.
2.54sAnd that's my choice. Y'all ain't worth it.