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2.1sWhat's going on? Everybody dead.
2.4sOh, see now. You know who they gonna blame this on.
1.67sMmm-hmm. The black dolphins.
3.04sSee, the honky dolphin always trying to keep the black dolphin down.
2sI mean, can't we all just swim along?
2.87sYou know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna call Fishy Jackson.
2.4sAnd you know what? I'm gonna call Catfish Sharpton.
1.03sGet them motherfuckers on the line.
1.13sHey, Jake,
1.57show long can you hold your breath underwater?
2.24sLonger than you! Check it out!
3.3s(BOTH SCREAMING) My face!
1.67sLois, what the hell are you doing?
2.8sRemembering who I am, you crook!
1.73sOh, I'm a crook, am I?
1.7sWhat about all the money you embezzled?
2.14sDo you want people to find out about that?
3.3sYou better play ball or we'll find someone else who will.
1.5sI'll play ball.
2.87sYou know what, West? You can have your job back.
3.07sPolitics does terrible things to good people.
2.57sGood for you, Lois. You wised up before it was too late.