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1.77sIt's no big deal, Brian.
2.77sBesides, there was a lot left over after the lake clean-up,
3.47sand I figured maybe I earned a little treat, huh?
4.3sLois, spending even one penny of that money on yourself is incredibly unethical.
2.07sOh, come on, it was only 600.
3.74sMy God, that's more than I spent to go see that prize fight in Vegas.
2.67sI thought you said we was going to see Hairspray.
2.97sBitch, I thought I said just shut up and be looking fine.
1.9sWhat the hell's up with these rolling blackouts?
1.47sWell, since Lois is the mayor,
2.2sI'm allowed to reroute all the town's electricity.
2.47s- What'd you do that for? - So I could reanimate the corpse
1.93sof Jim Varney. Howdy, Vern.
2.77sThis is some dad-gum nice house you got here, Vern.
2sThat's Vern-Vern-Vern-Vern.