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2.97sFor the Republicans, beloved children's entertainer--
0.97sKrusty the Clown.
2.3sAnd for the Democrats, this guy.
1.22sI have a name!
2.09sYes. I'm sure you do, comrade.
2.37sI do appreciate your being here.
2.07sYou're usually so mired in sleaze...
2.34sit must be an effort to come down to the studio.
1.2sMay I say something?
1.27sCertainly, Congressman.
1.7sHe hasn't won yet!
2.32sYou make a very adulterous point.
3.04sWe will now conclude this debate with a Krusty campaign commercial.
9.01sWhen a man loves his country Like Krusty loves America Krusty the Clown-- "The Man From Funny."
1.93sI've brought laughter to your homes...
2.44sthree days a week, 18 weeks a year,