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3.74sThe shaking's so bad, all my omelets have become frittatas.
4.09sThat's the saddest story I've heard in my 75 years of public service.
3.74sIt makes my blood boil-- and my left arm feel numb.
1.77sAlso, I taste copper.
3.19sQuick! Someone perform C.P.R.!
3.6sI see a bad moon risin'
1.7sThat's C.C.R.
0.93sUh, uh--
4.29sLooks like we're in for nasty weather Congressman Wilcox was laid to rest today.
3.45sA special election will be held next month to fill his vacant seat.
2.69sI guess there's only one way out of our problems--
2sa murder-suicide pact.
1.8sHow can you say that?
2.47sIt's just an expression, Marge.
3.82sYou're watching Channel 6-- Springfield's home of Krusty the Clown.
2.13sNow on three times a day.
3.1sBecause at Channel 6, we got nothin' else.
2.37sHey, Krusty should run for Congress.