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2.67sAhem. For my next trick,
3.24snotice I have nothing up my sleeves...
4.54sand nothing in my head.
3sSo, if my lovely assistant will kindly supply me...
4swith an ordinary, non-fake pitcher of milk--
2.7sBehold! The milk has vanished!
2.97sExiled, perhaps, to another dimension!
3.27sAmazing! That's why they call you Bender the Magnificent.
2.64sNo, it isn't.
4.87sWhoa! They discovered an intact 20th-century pizzeria,
2.13sjust like the one I used to work at!
2.94sInteresting. No, wait. The other thing-- tedious.
2.77sLet's go check it out. You can see how I lived before I met you.
1.83sYou lived before you met me?