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3.15sThis guy's too trustworthy. What's his angle?
3.54sIn all the tinsel and terror of the holiday season,
3.37swe too often underestimate that murderous brute...
2.34sbetter known as Santa Claus.
3.27sWith images of last year's Gingerbread Massacre...
2.54sfreshly baked into our memories,
3.57sI remind you to bolt your doors,
3.64ssay good-bye to your pets and lock your children in the closet.
4sThis is Walter Cronkite saying "I told you so."
2.53sSacred boar of Western and Eastern Samoa,
2.17swe got to secure for Santa's arrival.
3.67sjust as well. I'm getting tired of this wood show.
2.4sCover that fireplace, confound you!
3.79sI've only a few years to live. I don't want to spend them dead.
2.55sWe're pushing as hard as we can.
2.25sOh, pushing!
1.88sAah! Oh!