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2.13sThat's the magic of Xmas.
2.79sThat's a big crock of--
2.05sHold me.
4.25sOn, Trasher! On, Smasher!
0.38sHey, Kwanzabot. Where are you off to?
2.39sYou didn't hear about it?
3.6sChanukah Zombie's having a luau at the B'nai B'rith. You comin'?
3.37sBy the way, Bender, here's a small token of my appreciation...
3.1sfor being Santa while I was trapped in the ice.
2.8sHey, chief, you screwed up. There's nothing in here.
3.95sOh, it might appear empty, but the message is clear.
1.89sPlay Santa again,
3.4sand I'll kill you next year.