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2.47sIt's like a hootenanny in my mouth!
1.97sWe're saved! It's a miracle!
3.25sHooray for Connie Bufflekill! What?
2.57sSo now we're not eating Homer?
2.2sAnd thanks to that little girl,
3.3stoday you can find apples in everything that's good.
2.27sApple wine, apple whiskey,
2.58sapple schnapps, apple martinis,
2.4suh, Snapple with vodka in it,
2.17sapple nail polish remover--
1.77sDon't forget applesauce.
4.42sYeah. I suppose you could grind some pills into it.
0.47sLook out there, folks. That's the mighty Mississip.
4.02sBig deal.
3.14sReminds me of a tall tale about two scalawags...
2.64srafting down the Big Muddy--
2.48sTom Sawyer and Huck Finn.
3.45sThat's not a tall tale. It's a book by Mark Twain.