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2.57sI'd have a drink, but it might loosen my tongue.
2.4sYou want to talk? Go ahead, Luann, talk.
2.87sWhy don't you tell them one of your little bedtime stories, huh?
4.35sLike the one about how rotten it is to be married to a loser.
2.99sOr how about the one about how I carry a change purse?
1.83sYeah, a purse!
0.77sShut up and let the woman talk!
2.15sOkay, Kirk, I'll tell a story.
2.83sIt's about a man whose father-in-law gave him a sweet job...
2.27sas manager of a cracker factory. Boring!
4.34sA man whose complete lack of business sense and managerial impotence--
0.4sOoh! Here we go!
2.6ssent the number one cracker factory in town...
3.62sinto a tie for sixth with Table Time and Allied Biscuit.
1.77sYou want to hear a secret, everybody?
2.85sLuann loves it! Loves it when I fail!
3.37sOh, yes, Kirk. I love having to borrow money from my sister.
3.59sI love having to steal clothes from the church donation box.
3.49sOh, sweet jesus!
1.95sLisa, why don't you come sing for uS?
2.62sYou're A grand old flag you're A high-flying flag Oh, great!