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1.43sAll right, I am totally flaccid,
2.74sbut thank you anyway, ma'am, I appreciated your time.
1.64sMom, check it out!
4.2sI just got my paycheck and my salary's doubled ever since Meg got fired.
2.47sOh, shut up, you bastard!
2.04sChris, we should have a talk about Meg.
2.1sShe's really upset that she got fired.
3sGee, I didn't realize working at the store meant that much to her.
3.67sYou know, it would mean the world to her if she could get her job back.
3.07sAnd you'd be one terrific brother if you could help her.
3.2sWell, gosh, Mom, I'll sure try. Poor Meg.
5.37sShe got a worse deal than that no-armed baseball player, Bucky LaGrange.
2.3sANNOUNCER: Groundball to shortstop. The throw is to second,