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1.7sLike, like, crazy hot.
3.34sYeah, it's about 39 minutes, 45 seconds in.
1.8sOh. It's a really exceptional sequence.
2.97sI mean, Nick Cage is poisoning himself with alcohol.
3.04sHe's a... He's a failed writer who just decides that,
2.07s"Oh, I'm going to have a big last hurrah in Las Vegas."
4.2sAnd then he meets a whore and pays her a bunch of money to stay with him,
3.07sand have sex with him while he murders himself slowly.
1.53sAnd, you know, she's game for it,
3.37sbut she catches feelings midway through and the whole thing changes.
2.54sWow, have you seen Cocktail?
1.97sYeah, yeah. She was in that.
1.9s- She was in that. - Yeah.
1.1sBRIAN: You like that?
1.43sYeah, it's rad.
2.73sBRIAN: Don't talk, please. Hang on, let me get a condom.
2.27sBrian, are you guys up?
1.07sStewie, what the hell are you doing?
1.2sGo back to bed.
1.54sBut I'm not tired.
1.97sAnd I'm lonely.
2.57sOh, come, get in bed with us.