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2.07sDon't worry about it, Chris, she'll be fine.
3.9sHey, by the way, you know who else is hot in kind of a screwed up way?
1.53sMary Stuart Masterson.
2.7sYeah, yeah, in that sort of "you think you could get her,
2.17s"'cause she could be your brother" kind of thing.
3.44sLike, she's gettable, you know? Like Elisabeth Shue.
2.07s- Oh, I remember her. - Yeah.
5.27sYou know, she was in Leaving Las Vegas in addition to Adventures in Babysitting.
3.57sOne of those underrated actresses that was always talented and beautiful,
2.1sand never quite popped, if you know the meaning.
2.27s- Who, Elisabeth Shue? - Yeah.
4.2sLike totally naked in Leaving Las Vegas.
4.07sAnd still so hot. Like...
1.27sI don't see art films.
1.7sLike, like, crazy hot.
3.34sYeah, it's about 39 minutes, 45 seconds in.