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3.27sThey're right in front of you. Which cabinet are you looking at?
1.8sCan't you just come in here?
1.6sNo, I'm busy!
6.41s(CLATTERING) Oh, no! Oh, no, Brian!
2.33sOh, no! Oh, no!
2.93sOh, Brian, we need paper towels!
3.9sOh! Oh, it's going under the fridge! Oh!
1.2sJust use a dish towel!
1.3sThere aren't any, Brian!
4.27sYou need to come in here! Oh! We are gonna have ants!
1.83s(EXCLAIMS) A hundred points.
1.97sMeg, clean up aisle two.
2.73sWhat the hell is this? I am not cleaning this up.
2.6sMeg, less talkie, more sweepie.
0.93sShut up, Chris!
1.53sYou can't tell me what to do.
2.3sActually, Meg, as your supervisor, he can.
1.17sYeah, I promoted him this morning.
2.07s- Promoted me this morning. - What?
3.3sCarl, you promised me that assistant manager position.