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2.57sChris, I need you to stack the boxes in the back for me.
2.24sYou know what, Meg? Why don't you do that?
1.5sI need Chris up here with me.
1.53sBut the boxes are really heavy.
1.97sOh, that's 'cause there's a bunch of stuff in them.
2.7s(LAUGHING) Yeah.
2.07sChris, you ever see the movie Cruel Intentions?
3.47sOh, Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar make out. It's pretty hot.
1.8s47 minutes, 16 seconds in.
1.67sNo way. Yeah, yeah.
1.17sYou know what's another great movie?
2.27sCareer Opportunities with Jennifer Connelly.
2.24sI mean, that's one of those movies that...
3.87sI mean, she's really hot in it, but it's also a good movie.
2.77sShe was in A Beautiful Mind, and I've got to say,
4.64sthe direction was excellent, but I was very disappointed that she...
2.57sWore clothes the entire film.
1.67sWas she hot in it?
7.34sYeah, in the way that, like, classy women with expensive clothing who never take them off are hot, you know?
1.53sNo. All right.
1.73sSo, like, you see a hot girl,