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1.4sANNOUNCER: This Tuesday on Lifetime,
3.2sValerie Bertinelli stars in a Lifetime original movie.
2.7sYou know, Doctor, you said you were going to cure my cancer,
1.67sbut all you did was rape me.
2.07sI'm starting to think I don't have cancer at all.
1.9sWell, you're right, about the rape part,
1.93sbut I'm sorry, you still do have cancer.
1.77sANNOUNCER: Valerie Bertinelli in...
7.71s(ANNOUNCER READING) Brian, did you know that Daryl Hannah has one wooden finger?
1.6sReally? Where did you read that?
1.47sIn People magazine.
3.44s(EXCLAIMS) Jillian, can you run and get me a beer from the kitchen?
1.7sOh, yeah, sure, no problem.
2.3sHey, Jillian, you and Brian got big plans tonight?
2.73sYeah. Brian's taking me to Disney On Ice.
2.67s(EXCLAIMS) I want to go.
2.34sWell, Peter, if you want, you can have my ticket.
2.97sWhat? But, Brian, I thought you wanted to go.