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1.27sWell, I think you should, Brian.
1.54sShe's beautiful, she's funny,
2.77sand she is smart as the day is wide.
2.07sDon't you understand? I don't want a committed relationship with Jillian.
1.13sWell, it sounds like she does.
1.33sAnd if you're never going to get serious,
1.3sthen you're not being fair to her.
1.44sI mean, what are you, Brian?
3.17sOne of those creepy guys who just uses a woman for sex?
2.07sBecause Jillian deserves better.
2.2sShe has feelings, you know,
7.24sand she's devoted a lot of time and energy to this relationship with some expectation that it could grow into something much more significant,
2.63sand if you're just stringing her along,
3.24swell, then I got to say, I have lost a lot of respect for you, Brian.
2sYou don't really think I'm like that, do you?
1.53sProve me wrong.
1.07sAll right, I will, Lois.
1.73sI will ask her to move in with me,
1.97sand you'll see, I've got what it takes.
1.17sSee, that wasn't so bad, was it?
3.34s(GROANS) I got to say, that was fantastic.
2.47sWhat do you say, we go back to your place for round two?
1.37sSounds good to me.
3.8sMARGE: Wow, three times in a row. You're amazing, Glenn.