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2.94sWell, maybe I could talk to Carl and get you a job here.
1.2sYou could do that?
2.64sAbsolutely. Carl totally trusts me.
4.5sYou and I will be the best brother-sister team since Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal.
1.37sI'm more off-putting.
1.57sNo, I'm more off-putting.
2.44sI'm more unattractive to put in a lead role.
2.07sWell, I'm a bigger box office drag.
2sKids, kids. You're both...
1.47sJust awful.
1.07sOh, hi, Brian.
1.93sI thought you were spending the day with Jillian.
2.34sI was, but Peter took her off my hands.
2.6sPerfect timing. I've been feeling a little smothered lately.
2.3sPlus, it's given me a chance to work on my novel.
1.63sAnd I finally have a title.
1.23sOh, what is it?
2.77s"Faster Than the Speed of Love."