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5.54sMeg, lend me 25 cents so I can ride the toy airplane outside and make the immigrant kids jealous.
6.21sLook at me. I'm having a magical aerial adventure because my family has disposable income. Here you go.
1.13sWhat is this?
2.47sIt's a pamphlet on why I'm bombing you.
0.07sHey, Meg.
1.4sHi, Carl.
1.43sHey, how come you're always here by yourself?
1.57sAre you, like, a bitch or something?
1.17sNo, I have friends.
1.87sWell, you should bring some of them in here.
1.97s- Any of them have braces? - Yeah.
4.07sI love braces. My mom has them.
4.27sWell, listen... I need disposable diapers, but it looks like you're out.
2.97sOh, no, I got some in the stockroom. Hang on.
2.5sOh, Vince Vaughn's on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.
2.27sHere's my summary of every Vince Vaughn movie.