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2.54sWell, Meg, you got your job back.
3.5sActually, Chris, I don't. I really appreciate what you did for me,
3.37sbut I can't work for that guy anymore. He's a freak.
1.94sThe important thing is that you stood up for me,
1.57sand I won't forget it.
1.87sOh, Brian, I know you miss Jillian,
1.63sbut it is good to have you back.
1.54sKind of sucks though.
3.14sI mean, you are never gonna find a chick that hot again.
1.97sYou know what the mistake was, moving in together.
2.6sWell, it's just another life experience, I guess.
1.27sHey, and look on the bright side.
1sMaybe you got another chapter for your book.
2.4sOh, yeah, pile it on, pile it on.
2.3sWelcome home, asshole!