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1.4sHi, Brian.
1.5sWhat are you doing here?
3.27sJillian, look, I made a huge mistake.
1.67sI don't want to lose you.
2.27sYou know, you really hurt me, Brian.
2sAnd I can't let you do that again.
1.83sLook, I won't. I promise.
1.53sI don't know how to tell you this,
3.2sbut you're too late. I met someone else.
2.1sJillian, do you get the Oxygen Network?
3.1sIf I miss my Moesha, I get a bit crabby.
1.84sIn a minute, Adam.
3.1sWell, I guess this is good-bye.
1.37sPlease don't send me away.
1.67sI have to.
1.93sYou broke my heart.