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2.5sHey there, buddy. Check it out. Check it out.
3.7sI put a cruller in the Jerry's Kids jar. I thought that would be funny.
4.17sThat is hilarious, but, Carl, I want you to hire my sister back.
1.67sNo, Chris, she's a pain in the ass.
1.77sI don't want her back in here.
4.37sWell, that's a shame, because I watched Event Horizon last night.
2.27sNo way! We have to talk about it!
2.9sYeah, well, my memory is kind of hazy.
2.53sWe have to talk about every scene, man.
3.97sHey, hey, hey! Remember when Jack Noseworthy's eyes explode?
1.23sWasn't that awesome?
2.07sPlease agree with me that, that was awesome.
3sWell, if you hire Meg back, maybe I'll have an opinion.
3.27sShe's hired, she's hired! What do you think of it?
1.17sIt was awesome!
1.1sWasn't it awesome?
1.37sIt was totally awesome!
3.54sIt was the most awesome thing ever! Hug me!
1.43sHey, how you doing, Brian?