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1.28sNo. Give up?
0.98sIt was "kitty"!
1.23sPeter, isn't that--
0.83sOh, My God! The new video!
1.4sohh! Life is sweet!
1.88sHow about some whipped cream?
2.17sOhh! That's always good.
1.97sAnd some cinnamon.
1.57sOhh! Oh, That's good, too!
2.55sAnd then, guess what? I'm going to add...
2.9sAw, Jeez. If she says Mrs. Dash, I'm gonna lose it.
1.18sWe're going to add...
1.37sI know what you've been doing here.
1.37sAnd I'm very upset with you.
4.5sWow. Usually beautiful women don't turn back into you until after I'm finished.
2.2sThese tapes are about communication.
3.07sif you wanted to see a woman acting nasty,
2.64syou should've told me.
0.8sThis is hot!
2.33sTurn around.
2.09sLois! Ah, This is not what it looks like!
1.57sShe means nothing to me!
0.92sPeter, it's ok.