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2.13sHey, hey! Come on. Knock it off.
1.62sHey, How's the flow today?
1.77sHey, hey! Whoa! Whoa!
1.42sM-mom! Mom! Do something!
1.7sMom! Mom! help!
2.65sAnd that was the last time I ever saw her.
3.27sWell, Brian, i--I think we've stumbled on the root of your problems.
1.35sYou have abandonment issues.
2.27sYou need to confront your mother and deal with this.
0.78sWhat, Are you crazy?
1.85sFor God's sake, my eyes were barely open,
1.87sand she just, she just gave me away.
1.78sWell, it's her loss, right?
1.37sYeah. I turned out great, huh?
1.97sAm I rIght? right? Yeah!
1.7sYeah, You bet your ass I'm right!
0.88sY-You wanna arm wrestle?
1.73sCome on! Right now! Come on!
1.6sBrian, have you been drinking?