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1.13sLois. Hi, it's Brian.
1.17sLet me talk to her!
2.85sBrian! We were just on our way to the airport.
1.6sIs everything ok?
1.82sYeah, yeah, Yeah. Everything's fine, Everything's fine.
3.57sStewie and I traded in our plane tickets for train tickets.
2.32sYeah, Yeah. Uh, Apparently you--you can do that.
1.52sGive me the damn phone!
2sLittle fella's sound asleep. But I'll give him that kiss for you.
0.95sYou suck!
1.28sSee you in 3 days.
0.87sLet's go.
2.49sOh, Crap. We gotta disappear. And quick!
2.35sMaybe we should've jumped on that truck.
2.47sStewie and Brian are taking a train home.
2.33sJeez, Can we not talk about curtains for 2 seconds?
2.55sI got another one of those relationship tapes.
2.42sThat's 3 times as much as the first onE.
3.45sLois, our relationship cannot be measured in nipples and dimes.
2.44sI--I mean, nickels and boobs.
2.25sMoney. I'll be upstairS.
1.25sPeter, why are you so--
2.07sGet out! This is a part just for the men!